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Now looking for Interns for following positions:

-camera person

-social media contributor

-video editor

**submit resumes to with name and position title in the subject head**


  • Video AdMixes in with one of our latest YouTube videos using our Black Fox Newz channel which has over 1,000 subscribers and an average of about 750 views per video.

$35/10 seconds of an ad

$200/video (1-2 minutes)

$300/video (2-3 minutes)

  • Website Banner Ad: Home page banner top placement










[_1x_] $8/week


[_2x_] $13/week


[_3x_] $15/week


Services for content outside of BFN

  • Exclusive and Spotlights: $50-$100 // Artist, Activist, Intellectual, or etc. exclusives or spotlights that are not initiated by BFN. Includes camera work and video editing without logo.

  • Music Video: $250 // Camera work and video editing necessary to produce a music video for you.

  • Hip-Hopumentary: $350 // A combination of interviews, performances, and music videos arranged to make a Hip Hop artist legendary. Will not be used on BFN media outlets but video will have BFN logo and minimal advertising.

  • Raw BFN Footage: $15 for 1st 29 minutes and $15/15 minutes of footage after that // For example,1-29 minutes of footage without logo is $15 for recording and file transfer. 30-44 minutes is $30. 45-59 minutes is $45. etc. All seconds get rounded up to the nearest minute.

Music Distribution

  • Dist. Package I: 25% of all sales (includes Wix percentage) w/ weekly, monthly, seasonal, or semi- annual sale updates ($1/update)

  • Dist. Package II: $30 initial payment and you get purchase link connected to your own account


**all prices subject to change**