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For all serious inquiries about any and everything involving BFN, please contact

CashApp: $GraduationParty


Now looking for Interns for following positions:

-camera person

-social media contributor

-video editor

**submit resumes to with name and position title in the subject head**


  • BFN RAAP (R.eport A.pparel A.dvertising P.rogram)Use our daily BFN Reports to promote your apparel. Designated BFN reporter will wear your or your company's clothing while delivering the news while links to purchase said apparel will be made available on our IG and YouTube captions.

$1/post (minimum of 8 posts)

  • Video AdMixes in with one of our latest YouTube videos using our Black Fox Newz channel which has over 1,000 subscribers and an average of about 750 views per non-BFN Report video.

$35/10 seconds of an ad

$200/video (1-2 minutes)

$300/video (2-3 minutes)

  • Website Banner Ad: Home page banner top placement










[_1x_] $8/week


[_2x_] $13/week


[_3x_] $15/week


Services for content outside of BFN

  • Exclusive and Spotlights: $50-$100 // Artist, Activist, Intellectual, or etc. exclusives or spotlights that are not initiated by BFN. Includes camera work and video editing without logo.

  • Music Video: $250 // Camera work and video editing necessary to produce a music video for you.

  • Hip-Hopumentary: $350 // A combination of interviews, performances, and music videos arranged to make a Hip Hop artist legendary. Will not be used on BFN media outlets but video will have BFN logo and minimal advertising.

  • Raw BFN Footage: $15 for 1st 29 minutes and $15/15 minutes of footage after that // For example,1-29 minutes of footage without logo is $15 for recording and file transfer. 30-44 minutes is $30. 45-59 minutes is $45. etc. All seconds get rounded up to the nearest minute.

Music Distribution

  • Dist. Package I: 25% of all sales (includes Wix percentage) w/ weekly, monthly, seasonal, or semi- annual sale updates ($1/update)

  • Dist. Package II: $30 initial payment and you get purchase link connected to your own account


**all prices subject to change**

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